Cleanliness Should Start at Home – Chigora


BULAWAYO COUNCIL CHAMBERS – Ward 4 Councillor, Silas Chigora, has said cleanliness should start at home before residents could perpetuate the same when they get into the city centre.

Chigora said this during a Full Council Meeting at the Council Chambers on Wednesday while responding to Ward 6 Councillor, Tawanda Ruzive, who had asked what should be done in order to inculcate the culture of cleanliness among residents.

“Cleanliness should start at homes then to schools and colleges and universities until one becomes an adult,” said Chigora.

“There is a need for the Council to come up with policies promoting cleanliness. For example, we must enforce the requirement that every food outlet in the city must have bins in front. The Council must also penalise both individuals and corporates who litter the city.”

He emphasized, residents should learn to keep their homes clean, adding that he could see Bulawayo regaining its lost status as one of the cleanest cities in the world.

Earlier on Ward 25 councillor, Mzama Dube, commended fellow councillors for carrying out clean-ups in their ward.

He however expressed concern over some litter in the form metal objects that remain uncollected in the wards across the city.

Councillor Ruzive also commended the Keep Bulawayo Clean group, saying they were doing a very good job.

He said it was now high time the City Council came up with a strategy of promoting the culture of cleanliness among residents, so they avoid littering the environment.

“We can take advantage of the Junior Council to spread the message to communities,” said Ruzive.

Councillor Frank Javangwe, Ward 13, added there was also a need to support community cleaning groups with the necessary equipment.