A Day With Councillor Ephraim Ncube

Cllr Ncube

ZDDT’s Field Correspondent Chrispen Tabvura, CT, recently met Ward 17 community leader, Councillor Ephraim Ncube, EN, who bared all his heart to ZDDT News on issues affecting the general public and communities around Bulawayo.

Councillor Ncube is also a man of the cloth besides being a Councillor for the second term running now, after having been re-elected to office in 2013.

CT: Good afternoon Councillor Ncube! I understand you are also a pastor. How do you serve the two if the two duties need you at once?

EN: Good day brother Chris! What a good question. I have been a community leader for a long time now that serving in these two positions is more like killing two birds with one stone. Being a pastor in my Church, makes it easier to work with the community since they also have faith in whatever I do for them. I work with them hand in glove.

CT: How do you do it?

EN: I listen to what they request me to do and also it is an easy task to give everyone in your community an ear, rather than imposing ideas. I have a simple duty in my ward; listening to what they say and sit together to find a solution. All the solutions and determinations are community driven, thus making my task smooth.

CT: How do you visit your community since it is a big area?

EN: I am living with them. Remember I told you that most of them come to church and I always visit them soon after the church service, and we discuss our ward business. Another avenue is the event like this Zone Meeting. This is an excellent opportunity which I would like to thank ZDDT for. яндекс

CT: Thank you Councillor Ncube, for your time. Have a good day until we meet again on another zone meeting or any other ZDDT function.

EN: Thank you brother Chris, have a blessed day and don’t forget to assist our projects, as we rely on your support in our community activities.