Sebenzela-Shandira’s Rescue Impact


Social credits scheme

BULAWAYO – Two Magwegwe North families that have been surviving from scavenging from local street refuse were recently rescued by ZDDT.

Thenjiwe Gama, whose children had dropped out of school and a single grandmother, Monalisa Gweje, with her two children Thenjiwe, aged 32, and Monalisa, aged 37 and their children, are the beneficiaries of this month’s ZDDT’s Business Social Credit Scheme (BSCS).

Local residents recognised their plight and, as is a requirement of the BSCS programme, approached the Councillor, Ephraim Ncube, seeking assistance for the two families.

Social credit scheme

After a vetting process was completed, they received $50 each which they will go towards buying food and paying school fees for their children.

ZDDT’s partners in the scheme are Freight Consultancy and GDG, through the support of the Sally Foundation, and the objective is to bring relief to the disadvantaged and is a key element in the Trust’s social responsibility programme, drawing the local business fraternity closer to the community from which it derives its living.