Timely Rescue


BULAWAYO – Ngozi Mine residents, Senzangakona Nyathi aged 64, his five children and Evans Ndebele aged 66 and her two grandchildren, are beneficiaries of ZDDT’s Business Social Credit Scheme (BSCS), after Nyathi’s makeshift accommodation caught fire and was destroyed.

Evans, who is also staying with her two grandchildren and is recovering from a cruel rape encounter she suffered at the hands of a perpetrator, who has since been put behind bars, received $50 which she will use to buy food and pay for much needed medication.

Nyathi also received $50 which, he said, will go towards buying two blankets and some food.

ZDDT’s partnered BSCS is well vetted and transparent initiative aimed at bringing relief to the disadvantaged and is a key element in the Trust’s social responsibility programme, drawing the local business fraternity closer to the community.

Images below:

1. Nyathi posing for a photo with dated cash.
2. ZDDT staffer handing cash to 66 year old Ndebele.
3. ZDDT staffer handing cash to Nyathi

Social Credit 1

Social Credit 1

Social Credit 1