Career Management Envisions Success for Artists

  • Written by: Tafadzwa Mazviba

The Geraldine Roche Arts Academy recently conducted a series of lessons on arts management at the Bulawayo Theatre.

These sessions aimed to educate aspiring performers on the crucial aspects of managing their careers.

The academy recognised the need to equip its scholars with the necessary skills to navigate the complex world of the arts industry. Arts management encompasses various aspects, such as budgeting, marketing, and legal matters, which are vital for artists to succeed in their respective fields.

One of the key takeaways from the lessons was the importance of managing one’s career. Noel, a student at the academy, expressed a newfound understanding of the significance of career management, stating, "I never knew how important it is to manage one’s career in the arts. I've seen once-famous stars now bankrupt due to the failure of managing their careers."

This sentiment highlights the reality that many talented performers struggle with the business side of their profession, often leading to financial difficulties and even the decline of their careers.

By offering arts management lessons, the Geraldine Roche Arts Academy is empowering its trainees to avoid such pitfalls and build a sustainable and successful career in the arts.