Green Garden Attracts VIPs As Part of ZimVAC Assessment

  • Written by: Tafadzwa Mazviba

Representatives from the Ministry of Local Government, Food and Nutrition Council, Agritex and ZBC TV recently visited the Sizinda Green Garden as part of their ZimVAC assessment.

This visit was a huge success for the garden, as it served as a testament to the working model they have implemented towards community food access and nutrition.

What is ZimVAC?

ZimVAC, short for Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee, is a national multi-sectoral body responsible for conducting vulnerability assessments and analyses in Zimbabwe.

The primary goal of ZimVAC is to provide timely, relevant, and evidence-based information to inform humanitarian, development, and disaster risk reduction interventions.

By visiting the Green Garden, the representatives aimed to assess the impact of the community garden on food security and nutrition in the area.

The Sizinda garden is a prime example of how community-led initiatives can significantly contribute to improving food access and nutrition in urban areas.

The garden was established to address the challenges faced by the local community, such as limited access to arable land and inadequate knowledge on sustainable agriculture practices.

During the ZimVAC assessment, the representatives were impressed by the efforts put in by the community members and ZDDT and the positive impact the garden had on the local population.

The garden has not only provided a source of fresh produce for the community but also served as a platform for capacity building and knowledge sharing.