Kirimuva Market Garden Security Guards' Shade House Construction

  • Written by: Lungelo Ndhlovu

Kirimuva market garden, located in Pumula Old’s Ward 19, is continuing its development programmme with the construction of a security guards’ shade house.

The Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT) is supporting this market garden project with funding from the Sally Foundation and the Global Development Group (GDG) of Australia, in collaboration with local residents who contribute as co-investors.

"When we got there, we noticed that some wheelbarrows of river sand had been dumped there. The gardeners informed us that the main guard room was crowded and that snakes were a constant problem. So, each gardener contributes a full wheelbarrow of river sand to the construction of the guards' shade structure," said Edward Chikwayi, the Agricultural Extention Officer for the ZDDT.

There are currently 38 garden members farming at Kirimuva community market, one of the earliest success stories of the ZDDT intervention in Bulawayo’s impoverished township communities.