Beetroots to Market


Kirimuva Garden, situated amongst typical township housing in Ward 19, has commenced selling beetroots at the city market as a way of making quicker and more profitable sales.

In an interview, the chairperson of the garden, Mr Hartzel Ndlovu, said they have taken all their ripe beetroot from the commercial garden to the market in the city centre to increase their village bank funds despite the additional cost of transport. The alternative would have been the traditional method of marketing of slower and intermittent sales conducted locally thereby risking the quality of the crop, as it would stay longer in the ground, and the slow the cash turn-around.

“We also uprooted all the remaining beetroot so that we clear land for the next crop. We delivered 58 bunches and they will be sold at a dollar each,” said Mr Ndlovu.

This committee decision exemplifies one of ZDDT's principle goals which is to see communities become innovative with their entrepreneurship and sustain themselves through various self-help projects.