Beneficiary Breaks into Tears on Receiving Latest Business Social Credits Scheme Donation

A 54-year-old woman, who lives in Old Pumula Township in Ward 19, shed tears of joy after receiving the US$ 50 from the ZDDT Business Social Credits Scheme (BSCS) on Thursday.

The beneficiary, Mrs Chipo Mpofu, said this came as a surprise as she was not expecting to get such a large amount of money.

“I am a widower and I live with my granddaughter who lost both her parents last year. Honestly, it has been really hard to make ends meet, especially in this harsh economic situation. Once in a while, my brother from South Africa would send me groceries, but ever since this pandemic struck, I stopped receiving food from him, as he is currently not working. I have been surviving from handouts that I get from the councillor and some of our community members. I am really happy that I was chosen to benefit from this scheme and this money will surely help me in so many ways,” said Mrs Mpofu.

In an interview with this reporter, the councillor for Ward 19, Mr Clayton Zana, said Mrs Mpofu would come and ask for food regularly.

“When Mrs Mpofu moved to this location, she was mentally unstable however, when she recovered, she could not get any work because she is not physically fit to handle manual work. I chose her because, from this section, she was the neediest and I know this money will make a difference for a few months. We hope to keep receiving such kind gestures so that we can help more people in our community,” said Mr Zana.

THE BSCS encourages businesses to support the community from which they earn their living and this donation was supported by Freight Consultants and Sally Foundation.