I have learnt to be Humble – Cllr Musonda

MZILIKAZI, BULAWAYO – Councillor for Ward 8, Sheila Musonda, a beneficiary of the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT)’s leadership trainings, says over the past four years she has learnt to be humble as a community leader.

Ward 8 covers Thorngrove, Nguboyenja, Burombo, Barbour Fields and Mzilikazi townships.

ZDDT undertook a variety of training sessions for both Bulawayo and Gweru councillors when they came into office in 2013 in an endeavour to introduce them to the responsibilities of policy making and exemplary leadership as part of their new mandate.

“I have learnt that, as a councillor, I must welcome everyone and must also be very humble,” Musonda told ZDDT News.

“This is so because everyone will be looking up to you. A councillor is below the people and is a servant of all; people are above the councillor.”

Above: Cllr Musonda, in Mzilikazi, explains to ZDDT News areas falling under her ward.

Servant leadership is key to the fundamentals of ZDDT’s in-going leadership training programme.

Asked what are some of the challenges that councillors face as they execute their duties, Musonda had this to say:

“Some of the challenges that we face are that, as we talk to residents, some want us to do things that are beyond our jurisdiction. As a councillor now, you have to explain to them how systems work and how things are done. If they want change, I have to listen to them and take their concerns to Council.”

Above: Cllr Musonda chats to ZDDT's Field Officer, Pamela Mackay outside Mzilikazi Housing Office.