Zimbabwe Economic News: Greenfuel Intensifies E-85 Roll Out & Cost of Living Down

Greenfuel Intensifies E-85 Roll Out

Greenfuel has intensified the roll-out of E-85, a blend of ethanol and unleaded fuel, by increasing the number of fuel stations selling the product and fitting centres for conversion kits that enable cars to use the fuel.

According to Greenfuels E-85 kit fitting centres that also sell the fuel in Harare include Redan Ambi and Zuva service stations at Groombridge and along Chinhoyi Street.

E-85 is also being sold at Zuva Rolf Valley and at CMED Workington. The high octane fuel is a mix of 85% ethanol and 15% unleaded petroleum. The fuel is being sold at $1,10 against $1,48 for unleaded fuel  - Herald, Wednesday June 19

May Cost of Living Down

The cost of living as measured by the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe's low-income urban earner monthly basket for a family of 6 decreased by 1.72% from $571,51 in April to $561,67 by end of May. CCZ said the decrease in the basket was partly a result of a decrease in fuel by between 6 cents and 10 cents in the last two weeks.

The price for the food basket decreased by 6.04% from $159,33 in April to $149,70 in May while detergents went down by 1.59% to $12,97 from $13,18.

It was, however, noted that some items in the food basket have slightly increased with white sugar going up by 10c from $2,10 to $2,20, cooking oil up 4c from $1,75 to $1,79 and a laundry bar going up by 3c from $1,32 to $1,35 - Herald, Wednesday June 19