Heatwave Aids Horticultural School Training

  • Written by: Tafadzwa Mazviba

In response to the ongoing heatwave, ZDDTs’ Horticultural School recently seized the opportunity to educate its students on effective heat management techniques at Green Garden, Sizinda.

The training aimed to equip pupils with essential skills to combat the challenges posed by extreme heat conditions in horticulture, such as the importance of mulching, efficient water management practices and the utilisation of heat bed covers for seedlings.

Commenting on the lesson, ZDDT Agri-Extension Assistant, Mr Edward Chikwayi, emphasised that mulching plays a crucial role in conserving soil moisture and regulating soil temperature, which is particularly vital during periods of intense heat.

Proper water management is essential to ensure that plants receive adequate hydration without wastage, especially in hot weather conditions.

Additionally, using heat bed covers can protect delicate seedlings from excessive heat exposure, promoting their healthy growth and development.

By imparting these valuable lessons on addressing adverse climate conditions that are detrimental to agriculture, the Horticultural School, not only enhances the knowledge and skills of its trainees, but also prepares them to effectively address challenges which empowers them to become resilient and adaptable practitioners in the field of horticulture.