Majakathata Lead Actor Visits GRD

  • Written by: Tafadzwa Masviba

Mr Manaka Chukudu's visit to the Geraldine Roche Drama (GRD) centre in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe has inspired the local arts community.

As the lead actor in the highly acclaimed TV series Majakathata, which airs on SABC2, Chukudu understands the importance of investing in the arts among the youth.

During his meeting with GRD Coordinator Khally Sibanda he expressed his enthusiastic support for the programme's efforts in nurturing young talent in Bulawayo.

Chukudu also shared his vision of creating a groundbreaking series that would celebrate the region's diverse cultural backgrounds, aiming to unearth hidden talent from every corner.

His visit serves as a testament to the exceptional work being done by GRD in promoting inclusivity providing opportunities and fostering artistic growth among the youth in theatre film and the arts in general.