Hlanganani Community Market Garden Empowers Beneficiaries through Workshops and Trainings

  • Written by: Tafadzwa Masviba

HLANGANANI GARDEN, BULAWAYO. In a bid to bolster the capacity of the Hlanganani Community Market Garden a series of workshops and trainings were recently conducted to enhance the garden's impact on beneficiaries' income health nutrition and food security.

These initiatives organized by the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT focused on empowering community members by equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge.

One of the crucial components addressed during the workshops was governance. Recognizing the importance of effective leadership in managing the garden the training provided members of the Hlanganani community with valuable insights and practical tools for enhancing governance practices.

These sessions aimed to strengthen decision-making processes ensure transparent communication and encourage community involvement in the garden's operations.

Additionally participants received training on value addition which focused on increasing profit margins by enhancing the quality and marketability of produce grown in the garden. Through these workshops community members learned innovative techniques to preserve process and package the garden's output thereby extending its shelf life and creating additional revenue streams.

The third workshop focused on business skills equipping participants with the necessary tools to transform their ideas into entrepreneurial ventures. From the basics of starting a business to the intricacies of marketing and selling products attendees gained valuable insights into the entire business cycle.

Mrs. Majonono a member of the Hlanganani community expressed her gratitude for the training stating that she learned a great deal and plans to utilize her newfound knowledge to start her own chicken business.

ZDDT is committed to uplifting impoverished communities recognizes the importance of such empowerment strategies particularly in these challenging economic times.

By providing community members with the necessary skills and resources ZDDT aims to create sustainable development at the household level and foster self-reliance within the Hlanganani garden community.

The impact of the workshops was palpable within the garden as it further enhanced the garden's capacity to improve beneficiaries' income health and nutrition. Additionally the trainings played a pivotal role in advancing food security as members developed a deeper understanding of sustainable agricultural practices and innovative business models.

As the Hlanganani Community Market Garden continues to flourish the success of these workshops serves as a testament to the profound impact that targeted empowerment initiatives can have on impoverished communities. Through the dedicated efforts of ZDDT and the active participation of community members the Hlanganani community is gradually transforming into a thriving hub of self-sustainability and resilience.

Looking ahead ZDDT remains committed to implementing additional programs that foster empowerment and sustainable development within the Hlanganani community and beyond as it
believes everyone deserves an opportunity to uplift themselves even in the face of economic hardship.