Celebration at the Launch of Fish Farm Project

  • Written by: Tafadzwa Masviba

The impressive Hlanganani Community Market Garden in Bulawayo was filled with joy and happiness as the second phase of the project got underway.

The gardeners, who had worked hard to dig the space for the fish pond, received 1650 bream fingerlings to kick start the fish farm, which is going to be the centrepiece of the garden.

The fish farm is expected to bring multiple benefits to the Hlanganani community, such as increasing income, protein intake and natural fertilization of crops.

The nutrient-laden waste water from the fish pond will be used to irrigate the rest of the garden, which produces a variety of crops such as maize, beans, tomatoes, spinach and cabbage as well as an innovative vertical farming concept recently constructed.

The harvested fish will dramatically increase protein intake and add further balance and improvement in the diet of beneficiaries whilst adding income from the sale of surpluses.

Mr Makalinga, one of the gardeners, was overjoyed by the development. He said that the garden and the fish farm will help his family to have better food access and security.

"We are already reaping the benefits of the garden and fish will bring in a new dimension to urban farming. I do not have to worry about food as the garden provides," he said.

The project is a joint initiative of ZDDT, UNDP and Sally Foundation and partners GDG, who aim to create
sustainable food hubs throughout Bulawayo.

The project seeks to tackle the growing food insecurity being experienced in urban centres throughout the country, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and negative effects of climate change.