Market Gardening Project Brings Relief to Worringham

A market garden project, implemented by Zimbabwe Victims Support Fund in partnership with ZDDT and Sally Foundation, has brought much-needed relief to the Worringham community outside Bulawayo.

The community, which is mostly made up of internal refugees, has faced major difficulties over the years.

While a number of NGOs have come to the community with promises of development, many have failed to deliver. Through the introduction of horticulture, this development has provided a source of food security, nutrition, and income to a community of 120 lucky souls.

The beneficiaries are now able to farm and provide for their families, something that was once unattainable.

When the programme was announced, some folk had little hope it would commence, but now they are excited to be able to make a living through farming.

ZDDT aims to forge partnerships with other organizations to curb food insecurity in urban townships and peri-urban neighbourhoods. The trust recognizes the importance of sustainable food production which acts as a catalyst to create and maintain sustainable food systems.

As one beneficiary expressed, "We are grateful for this garden project which has brought us relief. We now have the opportunity to work the land and grow our own food. This project has given us the hope that we can build a better future for ourselves and our families."

The market garden project is a sustainable initiative that, not only provides a source of income for the beneficiaries but also promotes healthy living through access to fresh produce. The local people, who applauded the efforts of Zimbabwe Victims Support Fund, in partnership with ZDDT and Sally Foundation, hope that additional organizations will follow suit, and join ZDDT’s commitment to bringing relief to urban communities facing food insecurity and other hardships.