Innovation Grows Out of Membership

  • Written by: Tafadzwa Masviba

The ZDDT/ Sally Foundation community gardens were established to give the vulnerable household in townships an opportunity to improve food nutrition and income.

However, due to limited space allocated to urban agriculture, as determined by the city’s town plan, the gardens rarely gain new membership though expansion.

However, for Mrs Muveyi (pictured), an opportunity presented itself when abandoned and neglected plots had to be redistributed to new beneficiaries and she matched the criteria for membership. Such developments in the change of membership, are guided by the garden’s constitution as chosen by the members.

Mrs Muveyi happily expressed her delight in getting a plot:

"I'm overjoyed to be part of the garden. I have seen how other members have immensely benefitted and I have always wanted to be a member but the was no space. Now that I have my own plot, it will go a long way in providing a variety of vegetables and some money towards my family and also not I do not have to buy and save. I would love to see the garden develop with new projects such as chickens and a piggery to supplement our food."

Management in community projects is critical to their success.

ZDDT gardens are run on an elected committee basis that is governed by a binding constitution.

This high level of organisation enables the garden to meet its objectives and create an environment that has contributed to food security for beneficiary households.