King George VI Culinary Project; a Significant Success - Mike Roche

  • Written by: Lungelo Ndhlovu

The ZDDT sponsored King George VI culinary project, which has proved to have been a huge success, was great to visit, according to Mike Roche, co-founder of the Australian-based Sally Foundation.

According to the visitor, the cookery programme, and the garden with the wheelchair-accessible vegetable beds, were both motivating.

"Firstly, the visit to King George VI, where Geraldine Roche Drama performed a play about deafness and dumbness, impressed me and the message is so important. Geraldine would have been so pleased- and I know Khally live-streamed to Facebook. They (KG V1) represent an important addition to the programme," he said.

In other news of the occasion, the visiting party toured the well-equipped kitchens where, in collaboration with Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT), extra tomatoes from the KGVI greenhouse were being used to make tomato sauce and jam using a simple preservation method. The technique has been taught to some instructors and parents of disabled children.

“The cooking programme at King George V1 has been such a valuable addition to our work with ZDDT- I was amazed at how Yvonne ( who led the programme from ZDDT) had developed a communication channel with these youngsters which has so empowered them to produce such beautiful products" added Mike after the visit.

In cooperation, and with a firm understanding in place, KG V1 avail their kitchens and premises to the trust to conduct its Chef’s Academy, another aspect of the community outreach programme that empowers vulnerable members of the community.