Welcome Support for Two Single Mothers of Disabled Children

  • Written by: Tafadzwa Masviba

Above: Cllr Mr Moyo with Judith Dube.

Judith Dube and Barbra Mutabeni are single mothers of disabled children.

Since the abandonment by their spouses, upon realising the children's disabilities, both mothers have had to face a number of challenges in their daily lives.

Due to their limitations, Judith and Barbra must continually keep an eye on them, "it's challenging to locate enough food to provide for them and feed them three times every day. Being a mother also requires learning how to deal with life as it is presented to us; it's not an easy assignment," Barbra admits.

The two mothers and their families were recipients of the ZDDT Business Social Credit Scheme, each getting $50 towards lessening the financial burden which was handed over by Ward 26 councillor Mr Moyo, who narrated "This was a significant amount, especially in the disabled community who are usually left out of such initiatives."

Judith, who is a registered vendor selling goods on the street, adds, "With this money, I’m able to increase my stock and range and I will be able to earn more to support my child.”

The BSCS is a fund pooled together by cooperating businesses that want to fulfil their social responsibility obligations by giving back to the less privileged in Bulawayo communities on a monthly