Agronomist Spends Time with Kirimuva Market Garden Beneficiaries

  • Written by: Gary Howes

An agronomist specialising in soil science, Dirk Gunther, recently visited the Kirimuva market garden in the Old Pumula township.

Gunther expressed his delight at visiting the group and project, which is one of the five self-help gardens supported by the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT), the Australian Global Development Group (GDG) and the Sally Foundation.

“What a great pleasure and privilege to visit the project which is clearly successful and meet the group so proud of their vegetable garden. I would like to get involved in terms of training as well as demonstrations with new technology and products. We are looking forward to being involved in the future success of projects,” he said.

According to Yvonne Berkout, the ZDDT's horticultural consultant, the Kirimuva garden beneficiaries purchased a large number of hybrid seed potatoes last week, thus the emphasis was on proper planting and fertilizer application for potatoes.