Senior Citizen Will Use BSCS Donation to Buy Food

  • Written by: Lungelo Ndhlovu

Sarah Maseko, an 84-year-old unemployed senior citizen from Old Magwegwe constituency in Ward 18, will be able to put food on the table thanks to a $50 grant from the Business Social Credit Scheme (BSCS) of the Zimbabwe Development and Democracy Trust (ZDDT).

The Sally Foundation of Australia and Bulawayo-based businesses have contributed to the BSCS scheme, which aims to protect the city's needy families from financial hardship.

"I have a lot of difficulties; I have no food, no money to buy electricity and, on top of that, I am unable to walk due to a severe knee problem and asthma. I struggle financially since I do not have a job; instead, I rely on donations from well-wishers to get by," Maseko told the ZDDT outside her Old-Magwegwe home.

Concilia Mlalazi, a local councillor involved in the beneficiary verification procedure, noted that many senior residents of Ward 18 experience severe financial challenges.

“Many of them remain alone because their children would have passed away or left the country in search of ‘greener pastures’. I want to thank ZDDT for helping one of my elderly today so they can put food on the table,” she said.