Fish Farming Commences at Ekuphumuleni

Fish farming will soon commence at Ekuphumuleni Garden as the construction and fencing of the pond are completed

Harare-based Agri Marine Solutions recently constructed a fish pond at one of the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT) market gardens at Ekuphumuleni, Bulawayo, in order to expand agri-production.

A total of 2000 fingerlings of bream, 'Tilapia Nilotica' were stocked last week.

ZDDT horticultural consultant, Yvonne Berkhout, said they had fenced the fish farm.

"We managed to pay $390 for the fencing of the farm area," she said.

She explained that the cost of the fencing was met from the proceeds of the sale of surplus vegetables grown at Ekuphumuleni which shows the extent of the success of this ZDDT intervention.

Fish farming resonates well with the ZDDT’s programmes, which have created entrepreneurs who are equipped to grow and supply their products to the market whilst making use of their new-found skills.