Timely Donation Made to Nkulumane Widow


Donation for widow

BULAWAYO-based Nkulumane township widow, Miriam Mabhalane (84), who had gone for six months without water supply, has expressed her gratitude to the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT) for extending their hand.

Bulawayo City Council closed water supplies following her failure to pay the bills.

Mabhalane, who is living in absolute poverty, explained her unfortunate situation to the ZDDT News.

“I live in Nkulumane and l am a widow who has five children. My children are out of the country but are failing to feed the family therefore my grandchildren look upon me for help,” said Mabhalane.

“None of my children or grandchildren is working so that they can help me. I survive by selling sweets, and chips. During the lockdown, I failed to continue with my business due to losses.”
She said they have been surviving through God’s grace.

Ward Councillor, Rodney Jele, said he was happy with the help from ZDDT.

“Mabhalane lives with her grandchildren and some of them are going to school. As of now, no one is helping her. Her children are out of the country but are failing to provide food for her,” said Jele.

“This money will go a long way in paying the rent because the water connection had been closed for more than six months. She ended up going to the City Council offices so that she can have a payment plan.”

She received US$ 50 from benefactors, Freight Consultants of Bulawayo and Sally Foundation of