Delayed Winter Festival

GDR poster

Geraldine Roche Drama (GRD) has resumed its activities after lockdown restrictions have been relaxed. They have a series of plays lined up for the month of October at the Bulawayo Theatre.

The GRD programmes manager, Khaliphile Sibanda, said the plays will run from 28 October to 30 October, starting at 1730hrs to 1900hrs.

“There will be three performances from the top three Geraldine Roche Competitions. These plays confer on life during Covid-19. The tickets are now available at the GRD offices and Bulawayo Theatre going for 2USD each. I hope that people will come and support us although there will be a limited number available due to the Covid-19 regulations,” she said.

GRD centres on using both drama and film production to deliver social messages and advocacy whilst promoting opportunities for the youth.