Green Valley Garden Elects a New Committee

Green valley

Green Valley Garden members in Ward 21, voted in many new faces during their annual committee elections which were held at the garden last week.

Some of the members said they voted for people who have never been in the committee before because they have the potential to lead.

In a chat with this reporter, the new vice chairperson, Mr Mare, said it felt like a victory.

“I have never been part of the committee before. Therefore, I am excited about this appointment and I will not disappoint our garden members. I will do everything to my best ability to make sure that all our projects are a success. The voting procedure was free and fair. Everyone was satisfied. We hope we will enjoy our term in office,” said Mr Mare.

ZDDT supports transparency and democracy as pillars for the fundamental of success of community projects and hence free and fair elections choose garden committees providing the leaders with a popular and accountable mandate to serve their designated term.