Mental Health Patient Bounces Back

After surviving bipolar and other mental issues, former super model and veteran instructor, Sipho Mazibuko, has opened an NGO, “Mental Voices”, in a bid to help other sufferers.

In chatting to ZDDT News, she said she opened the organisation this year.

“This institution will help bipolar patients with medicine and provide a home for those who have been rejected by their families,” she said.

Mazibuko opened up about her battles and shed more light on her journey to recovery.

According to her, the shame she went through after being discharged from Ingutsheni Central Hospital after a month’s treatment, was unbearable as everyone’s eyes were glued to her.

“When I was discharged from Ingutsheni Central Hospital, it wasn’t easy. I felt like hiding because the media had really followed my journey at the hospital. People would talk about me and you’d see customers (at Strides boutique) walking into the shop and looking at me saying that they can’t buy from the shop,” said Mazibuko.

It was a difficult time, as those who she thought were her family and friends, deserted her. These were the people she needed in her life at that time because, according to her, support and unconditional love is the lifeline that people suffering from depression or bipolar desperately need during that trying time of their lives. That is what prompted her to open up this institution.