Makhokhoba Appreciates Local Talent


On Friday last week, Geraldine Roche Drama (GRD) premiered Ziyathunqa the Series at Stanely Hall in Makhokhoba. The response to the event was enthusiastic as evidenced by the group of energetic young adults who had come to watch.

In a chat with this reporter, one of the audience members, said, “This is a true reflection of our lives here in Makhokhoba or I can say in Bulawayo. My father behaves exactly like one of the main characters, Gift Chakuvinga (Jethro Msimanga) who spends all his money on bets whilst we have no food at home. Premiering this series here also made us appreciate local actors. I had no idea that my neighbour Alex Marowa (Ndodana) is such a great actor.”

The crowd went berserk when they heard the background music, which was produced by a duo known locally as The Whole Tribe from Makhokhoba.

The National Arts Director, Mr William Nyandoro, said, “I am impressed with what GRD is doing in the communities and they should keep on doing this as a way of reviving film in Bulawayo. We used to have theatre weekends in our community halls in the 90s but it disappeared, however we appreciate that you are bringing it back, considering that most people in these townships cannot afford to go to the movie house.”

Sally Foundation promotes the growth of film and theatre in the community, especially among the youth.