Train the Trainer Programme Commences

ZDDT's 'Train the Trainer' programme commenced on 20 October 2020 at Greenfield Garden in Ward 26. Specific candidates were selected for this workshop by means of questionnaires that were sent out to all the gardens for hopeful candidates to fill out.

Those with the highest scores were then selected for training.

Four members from each garden attended the workshop which was chaired by the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT) Horticulture Consultant, Yvonne, who said the training will run every Tuesday for six weeks.

In speaking to this reporter, the chairperson from Kirimuva Garden, Mr Hatzel Ndlovu, said:

"Today we learnt about soil fertility and soil testing.

"Yvonne brought with her test kits for the practical experiments that we did. We tested the soil PH from different parts of the garden. We were taught on the importance of using FI seeds which are resistant to spiders and other infections. This session was fruitful as we learnt cheap and amazing ways of improving soil fertility in order to produce quality crops."

It is ZDDT's vision to see people making informed choices and contributing effectively to personal and national growth.