Ziyathunqa Premieres in Community Halls

This week, Ziyathunqa the Series will start premiering in community halls around Bulawayo bringing this dramatic story to township communities.

The Geraldine Roche Drama (GRD) programmes manager, Khaliphile Sibanda, said, “The other reason why we put it in community halls is because we wanted to save the transport stress as it will premiere from 6pm to 7pm.”

We also wanted to honour our main actors by premiering in their communities. On 6 November, this tour will start at Stanley Hall in Mzilikazi Township, where two of our main characters, Gift Chakuvinga and Alex Marowa live and go through to 4 December. Our next stop will be Emganwini where another actor, Decipher Ndlovu, resides. This way, actors will be recognised and appreciated as personalities in their respective communities.”

Geraldine Roche Drama promotes both drama and film production among the youth of Bulawayo and delivers messages and education covering various topics of social advocacy.  Concurrently it helps develop the talent and aspirations of young people and provides them with career opportunities.