"Accountability is the Measure of a Leader’s Standing"

Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT), held a financial workshop at Green Valley Garden, in Ward 21, where all committee treasurers, secretaries and chairpersons from all gardens were invited to learn about importance of accurate record keeping.

At this workshop, they were taught how to enter figures into their income and expenditure sheets that there were provided in the previous committee’s workshop, which was held at Kirimuva Garden in Ward 19.

In an interview with the treasurer from Kirimuva Garden in Ward 19, Mrs Nokuthula Ndlovu, she said this workshop was a necessity as they learnt more about book keeping.

“Entering our records in these income and expenditure sheets will help us a lot when it comes to explaining to other members how we spend money. It also makes it easy to handover the books to the next committee as everything will be written in an orderly manner. We started using the income and expenditure sheets after our last workshop and, so far it has made it easy for us to keep a record of all our sales and profits,” she said.

The audience was very quiet inquisitive, as they asked questions and clarification where they did not understand.

ZDDT Horticultural Consultant Yvonne said she was impressed with Kirimuva Garden and Greenfield Garden as they had started using this form of book keeping and she hopes that other gardens do the same.

ZDDT provides leadership training in communities as a way of building responsible and accountable leaders that will contribute effectively to the growth of communities and the nation as a whole.