Drip Extension for Kirimuva Garden

Kirimuva Garden, situated amongst typical township housing in Ward 19, has moved on with their development programme.

A new tap, for the eastern boundary of the garden, has been installed to facilitate additional dripper lines using spare equipment from their previous installation.

This will ease the stress of carrying water in buckets from the western or middle tap in the garden but is actually only a portion of what they intend to do with ideas to expand production. Plans are in place to convert the whole acreage to drip so as to reap the many benefits.

In an interview, the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT) Horticultural Consultant, Yvonne Berkhout, she said the drip irrigation will help beneficiaries save both time and energy.

“The drip will provide 5000 emitters, which means there will be 5000 plants. These emitters will deliver 1 litre of water per hour which equates to 250 buckets of water if they were watering by hand. This is very efficient, especially in this community where most beneficiaries are too old to be carrying buckets,” she said.

The beneficiaries were happy about this new development, which will make it easier for them to water their plants without the heavy labour involved with using buckets. In addition, this will represent a big saving in water consumption and reduce wastage due to evaporation.

One of ZDDT’s principle goals is to see communities develop and sustain themselves through various self-help projects.