Bulawayo Market Gardeners set Aside Land for Local Orphans

Kirimuva 1

A community of market gardeners in Bulawayo have partitioned some of their arable land for the benefit of local orphans.

Members of the Kirimuva Gardens agreed to give orphans within their community garden space in a bid to help them grow their own food and generate profits to purchase stationery and clothes.

In an interview with this reporter, the chairperson of the garden, Mr Hatzel Ndlovu said:

“We spared 30 beds for these orphans and ten will benefit, with three beds allocated to each of them. These beneficiaries range from the ages of five to 20 years. After they have properly fixed their beds, we will give them tomato and onion seeds for a start and see if they are able to gain something from that. We hope this initiative will come in handy when it comes to paying for their basic needs”.

Kirimuva 2

The children seemed excited about their project, as they came to the garden with their hoes and other farming equipment.

In an interview, the eldest recipient, Tomlee Jere (20) said they are really thankful that they are also being recognised in the community.

“I appreciate what Kirimuva Garden farmers have done for us. We will do our level best and make them proud; I will also make sure that we help the younger orphans with their beds so that they also get good produce. I know that the money we will make here will contribute immensely in homes,” he said.

The farmers said charity begins at home and therefore, after supporting this group, they will start helping orphans from other parts of Ward 19.