Training Benefits Councillors


BULAWAYO - The Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT), which shares a Memorandum of Understanding with the Bulawayo City Council, continues to assist councilors improve service delivery.

Capacity-building workshops for the city fathers are some of the ways through which the trust is contributing towards improved services in the city.

In a recent interview with ZDDT News, BCC Chamber Secretary, Sikhangele Zhou, has said the ZDDT training offered to councillors in Zimbabwe’s second largest city, have helped city fathers improve their performance at the council chambers.

ZDDT has, for many years, conducted a capacity-building programme for both Bulawayo and Gweru councillors to equip them with better skills which they require to perform as responsible policy makers and guardians of the services the local authorities offer residents.

The workshops include a component of how councillors ought to conduct themselves in the Chambers.

Zhou said there was no doubt the training that Bulawayo councillors received from different organisations, ZDDT included, had helped councillors improve.

“There are many factors that are influencing their debate now and including your training, I guess,” said Zhou.

“They (councillors) are now more aware of council business and are experienced in council. They are now better than the first day they came into office.”

She added that councillors today now know what council business is all about.