ZDDT’s Conflict Management Course Helps Cllr

Bulawayo – Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT)’s conflict management course has helped Ward 15 Councillor, Tamani Moyo, bridge some conflict gaps in her community.

Cllr Moyo (pictured above, red dress) told the ZDDT News there is no doubt the training on conflict management she received from ZDDT has contributed to the resolution of the conflict between her and her predecessor, Alderman Israel Mabaleka, who is a political rival.

She said she now enjoys good relations with him.

“I can say at first it (relationship with Alderman Mabaleka) was not good at all; it was a very difficult relationship,” she said.

“We were like children born in polygamy; we are not from the same political party.

I then realised in the long run that the two of us were not fighting but people were just causing divisions between the two of us.”

She further elaborated: “For now there are no divisions between him and myself because we greet each other where we meet. Even when there are funerals, when I am not around I ask him to go and represent me. We now work together so well, there is no problem.”