I Have Learnt Many Things from ZDDT Training – CAT Member

Elizabeth Mutereko

Bulawayo – Elizabeth Mutereko, a Ward 24 Community Action Team member, said she has learnt so many things from the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT) training which she underwent, adding she is now a better resident and community leader compared to what she was prior to her interaction with the trust.

She said, through ZDDT, she is able to demand service delivery from the city fathers, notwithstanding the financial constraints the Bulawayo City Council is grappling with at present.

“Actually, I am now a better person than before because I know, as a resident, what am I supposed to do, what kind of an environment or place am I supposed to live in and how am I supposed to relate to other people in the community because it is not just about myself alone,” she elaborated.