Kirimuva Endorses Workshop and Drama

Kirimuva Climate Change Workshop

Bulawayo – The aged member’s nutritional garden farmers of Bulawayo’s Old Pumula Township,‘Kirimuva’, have endorsed the Climate Change Awareness workshop as an eye opener for their farming project and their lives.

The workshop, which was a combination of Climate Change Awareness, Business Management and Conflict Management, was provided courtesy of GDG, and facilitated by ZDDT over two days.

The climate change awareness, making use of drama, was a perfect combination, as its interactive process encouraged the elderly to attend the proceedings with keen interest to acquire the skills and knowledge.

The people gathered were ecstatic about both the workshop and the climate change drama, a popular medium for delivering messages.

In speaking to ZDDT News:

“This workshop has opened my eyes as I was living in the dark. I did not realise the meaning and effects of climate change until today’s workshop,” said Martha Nyathi aged 70.

Kirimuva Climate Change Workshop

Another member, Jethro Mangena, also concurred with his colleague in saying, “I have learnt of unity and the importance of utilising the opportunities we have during this climate adaptation period. I have learnt of utilising the sun as renewable energy and also to plant trees for the reduction of bad climatic conditions.”

Thabitha Dlamini, 75, applauded the drama group, Amazing Stars, for their enthusiastic performances. “These kids have taken me back to my good old days and how we used to keep our areas clean. I now remember how we used our traditional ways in curbing the hot sun through penalising tree cutters. I really appreciate the workshop and drama. Please keep visiting us with such programmes,” she said.

Kirimuva Climate Change Workshop