Green Gardens Community Garden Strikes Water with Self-Funded Borehole

  • Written by: Tafadzwa Mazviba

The Green Gardens community market garden has made a significant stride towards complete self-sustainability with the successful drilling of their second borehole, fully funded to the tune of US$1,700 by the garden's own profits and savings.

Nearly a decade has passed since the Sally Foundation and ZDDT first planted the seeds of growth with their joint venture with the local community in establishing Green Gardens. Today, the flourishing oasis stands as a testament to the power of investment in community and self-reliance. Sizinda residents have reaped the benefits of this philosophy, turning a once donor-dependent initiative into a self-sustaining enterprise.

Recent developments within the garden, such as a thriving chicken programme, the construction of a top-class ablution block and the drilling of this new borehole, underscore the community's commitment to growth and independence. The concept of self-help funding is at the heart of these achievements, where initial donor support offered as co-investment, is followed by the beneficiaries' own efforts to ensure survival, success, and expansion.

The chairman of the garden, Mr. Njiva, expressed his enthusiasm for the recent developments, stating, "The garden has become a lifeline for all its members—this is where they get their food and income. We drilled for the first time a month ago but did not hit water. However, through our hard work, we've now drilled another one and we have plenty of water."

Furthermore, in a move that reflects the confidence in the garden's sustainability, a well-known local company has offered a credit plan for the solarisation of the borehole. This concept, typically reserved for larger organisations and businesses, will enable the garden to pay US$2,100 over six months to harness solar power for their water supply, reducing dependence on the existing borehole and furthering their self-sufficiency and productive capacity.

The Green Gardens stands as a beacon of community-led development, with each new project reinforcing the initial vision of the Sally Foundation and ZDDT. As the garden continues to grow and prosper, it offers a blueprint of motivation for other communities aiming to transition from aid recipients to self-reliant contributors to their own prosperity.

With the first turn of the borehole's tap, the Green Gardens not only secures a stream of water but also a flow of hope and empowerment for the impoverished people of Sizinda.