Hlanganani Garden Takes Democratic Step Forward

  • Written by: Tafadzwa Masviba

Following the successful election of the management committee at the Hlanganani Community Market Garden, another significant milestone has been achieved in the garden's journey towards effective governance.

A constitution drafting workshop was recently conducted, emphasizing the importance of democracy, and providing a platform for all garden members to participate in shaping the garden's future.

Inspired by the success of similar ZDDT initiatives, the workshop aimed to develop a comprehensive constitution that would govern all aspects of running the Hlanganani garden. The newly elected committee, along with 10 additional members, came together to actively engage in the constitution drafting process.

Facilitating the workshop was Mr. Makoni, a knowledgeable legal practitioner, who skilfully guided the participants throughout the day-long session. Mr. Makoni's ability to explain legal jargon in layman's terms ensured that everyone could fully comprehend and participate in the process.

The workshop was marked by lively discussions and thoughtful contributions from all participants. Together, they covered all critical elements of garden management, including membership, decision-making processes, dispute resolution, financial accountability

and responsibilities of the committee. By the end of the session, a draft constitution had been prepared, reflecting the collective input and opinions of the participants.

The atmosphere was one of enthusiasm and satisfaction with those present expressing their contentment with the draft constitution. The next step is to present it to the rest of the garden members and seek their endorsement. The hope is that they, too, will embrace the constitution and its provisions for effective governance.

The drafting of a constitution for the Hlanganani Community Market Garden exemplifies the commitment to transparency, inclusivity, and democratic values as determined by the garden members. By providing a framework for decision-making and accountability, it paves the way for the continued success and growth of the garden.