Training Programme Creates Entrepreneurs

THE Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT) horticultural training programme has created entrepreneurs who are now able to supply their products to the market and pass on their skills.

The training programme benefited three young men: Allan Ndlovu, Desmond Ndlovu, and Sam Mvura.

In an interview, Allan said they had now managed to sell their first commercial harvest.

"We sold our first crop of beans and our client was happy with the produce, even though we did not reach her full requirements in terms of volume. To be honest, selling your own produce is incredible. We sold two and a half kg of beans for $1.80 a kilogram."

Ndlovu said they were grateful for the ZDDT training programme.

"We also began teaching gardening to school children. We aim to empower these youngsters so that they can support themselves at a young age. They will grow up knowing that, when society turns its back on them, they have other options to explore.”