Man Behind ZDDT Garden Elections

THE Zimbabwe Democracy Development Trust (ZDDT) annually conducts Project Management Committee (PMC) elections for all the gardens constituencies under the purview of the Trust.

ZDDT news reporter, Praisemore Sithole (PS), spoke to the ZDDT election supervisor, Amon Makoni (AM), on a preview of what transpires in these annual garden elections.

PS: Tell us about yourself.

AM: My name is Amon Makoni and I am 57 years old. I am married with three children. I worked for the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) for 16 years in the Criminal Investigations Department (CID). After serving as Officer in Charge Homicide and CID, I retired as Officer in Charge Hwange.

PS: What do you do at ZDDT, specifically?

AM: I preside over the PMC annual elections for all garden constituencies under ZDDT's authority on behalf of the Trust. Should the necessity arise, I will also oversee the constitution-making process for each individual garden. I took on the task solely to help the underserved individuals of the community. By providing a set of rules and regulations for self-governance, ZDDT aims to aid the marginalised who are clearly unable to properly document their operations. As a result, objectives can be met. As a former paralegal, my experience comes in handy to help the community.

PS: Could you explain what the garden elections are and how they serve the community?

AM: PMCs are in place in all market gardens, except for the Kirimuva Garden Old Pumula, whose term has just been extended to two years with elections currently underway. These elections are held annually. ZDDT thrives on principles of good governance, such as the holding of elections. Making a constitution has become a priority, necessitating the development of a foundation for stability and continuity. I have been around for a long time. Gardeners are beginning to see the value of a constitution because it helps them maintain order and achieve their goals.