My Life Will Never Be the Same

“My wish is to have a piece of land, where I can put my new skills into practice and produce vegetables to help my family and others in the process,” said Allan Milano Ndlovu (21), an outgoing student at the horticulture training school.

The training institution, administered by The Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT) and based at Ekuphumuleni Geriatric Nursing Home’s (EGNH) in Mzilikazi, Bulawayo where market garden facilities are available, was the brainchild of Yvonne Berkhout, the ZDDT horticulturist.  .

In a short interview with ZDDT News, Allan said he has learnt a lot from Yvonne.

“This programme has changed my life immensely. It has given me knowledge that will help me improve my life for the better. Honestly, I have learnt a lot in these three months from preparing beds to planting and harvesting vegetables. I have always loved agriculture but I did not have adequate information to grow vegetables for a profit. I appreciate being picked from many to be part of this course. I was chosen together with my brother and, I must say, this has also changed our perspective of life. We lost both parents and we have been struggling to make ends meet. I am very certain that after this, we will make something better out of our lives and spread the wisdom that we have acquired to help others too,” he said.

He went on to say he will miss the Ekuphumuleni gardeners because he learnt a lot from them as well.

“I would like to thank ZDDT a lot for giving me this opportunity to learn more about agriculture,” he added.

In focussing on the principles of self-help, ZDDT develops capacity building, teamwork and business and agri-training to contribute to the expansion of the various community-based market gardens scattered across the city.