Gardens Practise Inter-Trade

Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT) supported gardens have shown great cooperation between themselves as evidenced by their inter-trading activities.

The various community enterprises, located across the breadth of the Bulawayo’s townships, have opted to buy seedlings from one another rather than travel some distance to established seedling producers serving market gardening fraternity.

Speaking to ZDDT News, the assistant horticulturist, Mr Edward Chikwayi, said he was impressed with the good relations amongst the gardens and, in particular, this new development..

“The four main gardens seem to be getting along just fine, with a recent example of Ward 27 buying strawberry runners from Green Field Garden Ward 26. This is proof that the gardens are helping each other grow. Last year, Green Field Garden purchased sugar beans from Green Valley Garden Ward 21. More so, the (ZDDT) Information Platform has helped a lot in building trade, as gardens share what they have produced and ideas on how they can improve vegetable production,” said Mr Chikwayi.

ZDDTs vision is to see people undertaking self-help enterprises to improve household income.