Green Valley Garden Demonstrates Harmony in Their Projects


Green valley

Green Valley Garden Ward 21, situated in the old dormitory township of Sizinda in the west of the city, has displayed great determination and unity of purpose in the way the members are handling their projects.

The commercial sector secretary, Doreen Ngara, spoke to ZDDT and said garden members have shown positive interest in improving their garden.

“Members are motivated to do many projects this year as the maize sales gave them amazing profits. It has been really good working with these members and we are thinking of other more exciting projects that we can do to generate more income. I believe it is through working together that we have achieved such results. In every project there has been equal division of labour and all members put extra effort in their designated areas. I strongly believe that, with such determination, we are yet to see the full extent of our profits and become even more self-sustainable. We thank Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT) for everything that they are doing for us, especially the leadership workshops which have made our garden leaders confident and accountable,” he said.

ZDDT promotes self-determination and enterprise to improve the quality of life of poor communities.