Green Field Garden Moves Towards Self Sustainability

Green Field Garden, at eMganwinini Township, has shown great zeal in moving towards self-sustainability, as they managed to purchase a new dripline and seeds for their new commercial section using funds from their village bank.

In an interview with this reporter, the chairperson of the garden, Mrs Sazini Mthinsi, said 47 members contributed USD 3 for both the drippers and seeds.

“The 47 contributors are members of the new commercial section. We bought drippers because there was remaining material, after the installation in our first commercial section. However, the drippers are still not enough. Therefore we are looking at purchasing another drip kit, as time progresses because it makes our work a lot easier.”

One of ZDDT’s primary motivations for the programme is to generate the mindset of self-help and self-sustainability.

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