I Have Learnt A Lot – Chiponda

NJUBE - Otilia Chiponda, one of the participants at a recent Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT) training for community leaders, appreciated the opportunity to hone her skills as a representative of the people.

“I have been here for the past two days and I have really learnt a lot about how we should carry out projects in our communities, about leadership and how to handle issues of conflict,” said Chiponda.

“The workshop was an eye opener and there was a lot of stuff I did not know but I am sure that, from now, I will be able to handle issues better because of this workshop.”

She added that the training, facilitated by independent consultant, Leonard Mupezani, was well-organizsed.

“He (Mupezani) is such a good presenter and I wish we could have more of his workshops in our own communities for everyone to gain better appreciation of how things should be handled,” she elaborated.