Shandira / Sebenzela Zimbabwe


This programme has moved steadily ahead.  

Ward Action Teams (WAT) headed by the area Councillor, have been established in each targeted Ward.  

These WAT’s are made up of church representatives, an education representative, businessmen, local police and a further cross-section of the surrounding community.  The WAT’s objective is to work under the leadership of the Councillor, in uplifting the community.  

‘Information Packs’ have been designed and distributed to each Ward to assist in outlining and establishing their ground work.

The ‘pack’ includes a Ward Map, Project Proposal Score Sheet, Post Project Assessment Guide, Community Mapping and a Sebenzela Concept Training Manual.  This is supplemented by a Councilor Support Outline, Farming God’s Way Introduction as well as a Work Team Attendance Sheet.

The mapping process covers both human and material resources, infrastructure and community needs.  

This specifically provides an indication of the demographics and details such things as percentage pauper burials, number of school children, unemployed, child headed families and so on. The Project Proposal Score Sheet, assists the WAT’s in selecting the most suitable project that is realistically achievable given the existing constraints.

This is one way in which the Trust can assist the Councillor and his Action Team in rebuilding their community. The Trust has received funding to supply the first 32 Wards (10 Bulawayo, 22 Harare) with a full ‘tool kit’, consisting of various maintenance equipment such as wheelbarrows, spades, rakes, brooms etc.

The equipment has been distributed over the last few weeks by the Bulawayo PDO, Peter Elliot, and Hendrik O’Neill in Harare. This activity has been recorded by the Southern Area Media Officer, Swithern Chirowodza.  Full reports with visual support can be viewed on our website.  

To further enhance community building, football outfits have been designed and distributed to the various teams within the 10 selected Wards.  This has been positively and enthusiastically received!