The ZDDT Office Update


It is amazing how quickly the Trust and its initiatives have developed.ZDDT office update 

In the short space of just 8 months we have grown significantly in various ways, to the degree that we have found a need for larger home. As from the 1st of July, the new office is located at 130a J/Tongogara Street, CBD Bulawayo.  Previously three of us were working out of one office sharing two desks.  

The ward tool kits were spread between 54 Park Road and a warehouse in Bristol Road, Belmont, and the football outfits stacked against our office walls!  

We now have a reception area, which Ashleigh Bell mans and both Simon and myself have our own office.  This will restore my sanity! Two garages at the back of the premises now provides adequate storage.

In addition, we now have two computers and a printer, as well as a newly acquired wireless satellite system which we are fine tuning at the moment!  

This will greatly alleviate our communication limitations and frustrations of the past.  To round off, should you be in the Bulawayo area please feel free to give us a ring and come round for coffee and cake!

Image at right: Candace outside the new office