ZDDT Commended

Councillor for Bulawayo’s Ward 28, which covers Cowdray Park Township, Collet Ndlovu, has commended the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT)’s monthly Business Social Credit Scheme (BSCS) as a step in the right direction.

Sally Foundation of Australia and Freight Consultants are contributors to the special scheme in which needy family members are given units of US$50 to cushion them against economic hardships.

This is an essential element in ZDDT’s social responsibility programme as it brings the business fraternity closer to the community to which it owes existence.

Speaking on October 11, immediately after a cash handover to Emely Moyo, 77, of Cowdray Park, Ndlovu said ZDDT was doing a commendable job, adding the trust should continue to assist less-privileged members of the community.

“As the councillor for the area, I would like to thank ZDDT for the great job that they are doing in all the wards of Bulawayo in helping us look after the elderly,” said Ndlovu.

“As councillors we identify the needy in the community. For example this elderly woman has no one to look after her. She just relies on well-wishers.”

The councillor disclosed that Moyo was even struggling to pay rentals in the room in which she stays.

“As we speak, she risks being evicted any time. She stays alone here. If the government was the government of yester-years, this elderly woman would be getting something from the Department of Social Welfare. Go and tell your donors that we really appreciate their help and support.”

Moyo also paid tribute to ZDDT, Freight Consultants and Sally Foundation for remembering her at her point of need.

“I would also like to thank God so much for this day and everything that he has just done for me,” said Moyo, who could not hide her joy.

“I would also want to thank our councillor for his love and care in bringing these people here and I encourage him to extend the same to other poor people like me.”

Moyo said she was living from hand to mouth with God bringing people into her life to help her.

“I cannot physically see God but I can only see him through his work,” added Moyo.

ZDDT’s on-going leadership programme encourages elected leaders to map their respective communities to assess needs and assets, both human and material.