Sizinda Garden Commercialisation

Bulawayo – On August 4, the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT), officially launched the commercialisation component of the Sizinda Community Garden, a development aimed at increasing income for beneficiaries.

The nutritional garden is one of five in Bulawayo established by the trust in partnership with GDG and Sally Foundation of Australia.

Under the commercialisation project, gardeners, with the guidance and support of Go Green, a grower of prime quality vegetable produce, are now supplying spinach, carrots, lettuce, beetroot and a variety of other crops to leading retailer, Pick and Pay (PnP).

Speaking during the launch, ZDDT National Development Officer, Simon Spooner, said it was the member’s choice as to who would like to participate and how much of their land they would wish to devote to the PnP scheme.

“It is important to look at it as income generation; it is all about improving your lives,” said Spooner, pictured above addressing community members.

To add some excitement to the event, Amazing Stars Arts Academy (ASAA), a local drama group, put on a splendid performance, detailing how the scheme operates.

The ASAA act highlighted that the commercialisation means that gardeners now have a guaranteed market for their produce, urging them to work hard and boost their income.

The Forgiven Ndlovu-led group also challenged gardeners to be united and work together to ensure the project succeeds.

“I am very happy today because, through this PnP project, we are now getting more money to look after our families,” said Judith Dube, one of the beneficiaries.

Alfonse Banda, another beneficiary, also hailed the launch adding that their lives would never be the same again.

PnP demand high quality goods and the scheme has provided considerable impetus to improving growing and packaging techniques, necessary to meet the qualification standards of the South African owned supermarket chain.

Branding will be under the MaSiziba label.