Methodist Women Embark On a Clean-Up Campaign


BULAWAYO - A total of 60 women from the African Methodist Episcopal Church’s Women Missionary Society (WMS), mobilised themselves and embarked on a clean-up campaign, which saw them clean the EF Watson Clinic, situated in Bulawayo’s Mpopoma Township, in Ward 9.

During the clean-up exercise, which ran for three hours on 25 February 2017, the women weeded out grass which had overgrown in the clinic’s yard as a result of incessant rains the country continues to receive.

WMS South West Zimbabwe president, Mrs Josephine Ginya, who told the ZDDT News that a clean city is a winning city, attracting not only visitors, but investors as well, emphasised the need for residents to keep Bulawayo clean.

South West Zimbabwe covers 20 Methodist church branches.

“We came here upon realisation that we received a lot of rainfall this year and the grass has grown so tall,” said Mrs Ginya.

“This is our health centre where smartness and cleanliness should be found. When patients come here, they should be treated in a clean place. We do not want a situation whereby patients’ lives are under threat from snakes coming out of the grass.”

Mrs Ginya encouraged other churches to also go out do community service as well.

“For people to know that we are the followers for Jesus Christ, let us go out and do the work just like what the Lord Jesus Christ did,” she explained.

“A dirty place is not good because it becomes the breeding site for diseases. We encourage people to always clean places that they live in.”

After the Mpopoma clean-up exercise, the Christian women headed for Entembeni Old

People’s Home in Luveve where they donated 125kg gas, 60 kg mealie-meal, bath soaps and bottles of Vaseline to the elderly housed there.

“We are following the scriptures which challenge us to go out there to all nations; people have to know Christ through us,” Mrs Ginya said.

She added that they have been donating to the home every last week of February for the past 10 years.